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Over the years, the word "free" has become diluted on the internet, to the point that it's meaning is almost perplexing to say the least. We wish to correct this, and with your help - we believe we can!.

From software and services developed entirely in-house, I.T. Mate is dedicated to bringing you the very best of the internet from around the globe. We won't just meet you half way - we'll pick you up and take you there!.

Just some of the things you can find here include sGB - providing completely free and fully featured guestbooks (with hosting!) along with our unique vURL dissection service - developed to allow you to verify a website's content before you visit it (virtually essential in todays world of malware spreading websites), and much more.

Note: The Freeware Library, previously at freeware.it-mate.co.uk is currently offline.

Featured Product
Spambot Search Tool

Spambot Search Tool is a script that was originally posted to the StopForumSpam forums and written by Smurf Minions.


Smurf Minions original only allowed you to query the StopForumSpam database, which is fine. However, I wanted something more, so decided to expand on it greatly, by enhancing the features to allow you to check the following databases;

1. fSpamlist - www.fspamlist.com
2. StopForumSpam - www.stopforumspam.com
3. Sorbs* - sorbs.net
4. Spamhaus* - www.spamhaus.org
5. SpamCop* - www.spamcop.net
6. ProjectHoneyPot** - www.projecthoneypot.org
7. Bot Scout*** - www.botscout.com
8. DroneBL - www.dronebl.org
9. Tor Project - torproject.org
10. drone.abuse.ch - dnsbl.abuse.ch
11. httpbl.abuse.ch - dnsbl.abuse.ch
12. spam.abuse.ch - dnsbl.abuse.ch
13. ZeusTracker.abuse.ch - zeustracker.abuse.ch
14. Blocklist.de - blocklist.de

There are two versions of the script available, the first is for use as a standalone "program" of sorts. You can see this in action at;


The second, is check_spammers_plain.php. This is a simplified version of the script that you can use for your forums, blogs, guestbooks or anything else that allows users to comment/post. It returns true or false, based on whether or not the user is listed in the database, and if listed, which one (e.g. fSpamlist, Spamhaus).

I've written an ASP function that ASP developers can use to query the script, and several PHP mods for the likes of WordPress, phpBB2 and phpBB3, SMF and more. These can be found at;




* IP queries only obviously

In the case of Spamhaus, this will also tell you which blacklist it is listed in (e.g. PBL, CBL, XBL)

** ProjectHoneyPot requires you have a valid API key before you can query their database

*** Bot Scout only allows a limited amount of queries for non-API key users. To remove this restriction, an API key is required.

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